Why Us

Easy and fast to install : 
PVC wall paneling is a very user-friendly product, to begin with. One can easily cut the panels to size and install them making it the ideal solution. It is fast and easy as compared to tiles and wood material as it takes about half the time to fit (NO GAP). Since it is easy to install, anyone can fit them, thereby saving money on fitting.

Water Resistant : 
PVC panels are very popular in the bathroom and kitchen areas as they are water-repellent and mould resistant. It can also be used all over the house ( Bed and living rooms, basement, attics, garages etc. ).

Budget-friendly : 
Yes! it will surely suit your pockets. It is far more economical as compared to wood, paint, tiles and wall papers.

All-round and all-area product : 
Walldecor PVC panels are the ideal covering for wall and ceilings of private houses, offices hotels laboratories, hospitals, food processing plants, etc. The possibilities are endless from the use as a decorative wall panel to shower wall panel.

Hygienic : 
Walldecor PVC panels provide a very clean and hygienic for wall and ceiling decoration. Once installed, there is no grout to go dirty. PVC is mould-repellent and not a suitable material for bacterial growth.

Low maintenance : 
Walldecor PVC panels require only a low maintenance, and when you want to clean them, it does not take you long. Due to the smooth surface of the panels, dirt does not gather in pores or cracks. A simple cloth will do to clean the surface. Do not use chlorinates or abrasive agents.

Recyclable : 
Walldecor PVC is 100% recyclable. Our PVC ceiling panels can be taken to any plastic recycling center. No further finishing or care required after installation – no paint, no lack, no varnish. Get your PVC Ceiling In India by Walldecor PVC.

Easy to transport : 
Walldecor PVC wall and ceiling panels are usually available in different lengths like 8',9',10' and so on. They are, therefore, easy to transport, without risk of transport damage.

EASY to Fix & Install : 
The user-friendly Walldecor PVC panels installations is easy to install – place very simply and quickly. Thanks to the practical; short lengths can also be installed. Walldecor PVC wall panels and ceiling completely on your own. In this way, you save time and money and you will be able to enjoy your new wall or ceiling a lot more quickly.

No Waste, Eco and budget friendly : 
When during installation you come to the end of an assembled row of Walldecor PVC panels, you simply saw the last panel to length as required. With this sawn-off piece, you can simply begin the new row and in this way build on and complete the wall or ceiling. Cutting waste is reduced to a minimum and in addition you also save a pretty penny.

Resistant, Waterproof and colourfast : 
Walldecor PVC panels are made out of PVC that is fully waterproof and fully washable. Maintenance is, therefore very simple. All you need to do is clean with a damp cloth and your wall or panel is as good as new. Naturally Walldecor PVC keeps its original colours, even with intensive maintenance.
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